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We utilize the Kids Can Sew® curriculum in teaching your child to sew. We teach the skill of sewing SL Esoft ScheduleBKfrom the first stitch. Students have their own pattern packet and workbook. New students pay an additional $50.00 one-time non-refundable registration fee. Classes are once per week, after school, Mondays – Thursdays, (7-week sessions). Students receive hands-on instruction with four-six students in a class. (Closed Fridays — Sundays.) Please see note below regarding attendance. We are unable to offer make-up classes.

We help your child learn a life skill. Students will learn to sew at their own pace in a creative
and encouraging environment. Sewing is a great way to develop eye-hand coordination, attention to detail,IMG_6566
reinforce math and reading skills, build self-esteem and express creativity. Students will have the ability
to change and embellish each project to create their own unique design. Throughout each session, based on student interests, other projects are introduced in addition to those in the pattern packets. Students will transition to commercial patterns based on ability, experience, and interests. SewLab has partnered with Simplicity Creative Group® to offer a wide array of patterns to meet the interest and motivation of  each sewist.

After Reg. Fee, all supplies, equipment, fabric and notions are included in this program.

During the first year, students will learn: how to follow sewing written terms & directions,
use a paper pattern, cutting out fabric, make casings, hem, make a facing, pivot stitch, back-tack,
make a slit, clip around curves, work from the fold line, measure from the straight of grain,
use notches, pin, press, measure seam allowance, top stitch, use a tape measure,
use a seam gauge and other equipment, chalk talk, determine pattern size, thread elastic,
use a sewing machine and how to construct and complete a wearable garment.

Additional skills will be introduced based on a student’s ability and experience:
how to use bias tape, inset a sleeve, use knit and sheer fabrics, inserting drawstring waist casing,SL Boy Sewing A
make buttonholes, double top-stitch, baste stitch, make ribbing, ruffles, gather,
stretch stitch, hand sew, inserting a zipper, attach a waistband, use interfacing,
add lining, make straps, sew on buttons, sew on hooks & eyes, ribbing, make pleats,
attach collars, neck and front bands and learn to use several pattern pieces per project.


Students pay an additional $50.00 one-time non-refundable registration fee
that includes the pattern packet and other instructional materials. This fee must be purchased separately when registering for the first full class session at SewLab.




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Sewing lessons for Kids and Teens:

Kid/Teen Sew Mon. – Thurs., 1.5 Hours/Week:  2017 – 2018 School Year Calendar

Fall I: Sept. 5 – Oct. 30 – (closed 10/9) – $273.00 + Reg. Fee – FULL
Fall II: Oct. 24 – Dec. 18 – (closed  10/31, 11/22 -11/26; 12/19 – 1/1) – $273.00 + Reg. Fee – FULL
Winter I: Jan. 8 – Feb. 26 – (closed 1/15, 2/19) – $273.00 + Reg. Fee – FULL
Winter II: Feb. 27 – April 23
– (closed 3/26 – 3/31) – $273.00 + Reg. Fee
Spring: April 24 – June 18 – (closed 5/29, 6/19-7/8) – $273.00 + Reg. Fee





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SewLab Registration Waiver & Refund/Cancellation Policy

Attendance: When you sign up for a class session you are committing to all the classes in the session. Please make all efforts to attend each class. This allows for the class to run more smoothly for everyone. Due to the volume of students and lack of scheduling time, we do not offer make-up classes. No refunds or prorated credit will be given for late arrivals, early departures and no-shows. Credits are not issued for personal convenience or schedule conflicts. The studio opens about five minutes before each scheduled class.