Pamella Shaw

I began sewing when I was nine, making clothes for my Barbie and Ken dolls by hand from commercial patterns with the guidance of my grandmother, mother and a neighbor. Soon, I took over my mother’s fancy sewing machine. The summers before 7th and 8th grades, I took adult education tailoring classes. In home economics, I sewed my own projects and assisted the teacher with the other students. Throughout high school, I constructed the majority of my own clothes and sewed clothing and gifts for otheTrained Sewing Instructorrs. In college, I studied clothing, textile design and art. I have always loved working with kids and helping them navigate the world. Earning an M.A. in Leadership in Teaching, I spent eleven years teaching 3rd through 8th grades. SewLab is the result of several years of research and brings together my passion for sewing, running a small business and teaching kids and adults the craft and fun of sewing.

Pamella Shaw, Director

IMG_4953IMG_2561Pamella Shaw, Director